Eden Residence At The Sea | Managed by The Luxe Nomad - Eden Residence At The Sea | Managed by The Luxe Nomad


The Riverside villas can be connected for a total of 16 bedrooms which makes our luxury complex perfect for larger groups and events! Our location puts you in the heart of Seminyak so you can take in the stunning beach views and conveniently hit up Bali’s hotspots.


Be it a birthday, girls’ trip, wedding, corporate outing, promotional events or even on-site filming – Eden, The Residence at the Sea will make the perfect backdrop for a memorable event.


Maximum Guests

35 Seated or 60 for Cocktails

Event Fees

US$ 800++ Event Fee
IDR 2,500,000 Local Community Banjar Fee

Security Deposit

US$ 1,000

Villa Rates

See Rates page

Minimum Nights

Normal Season - 3 nights
High Season - 5 nights
Peak Season - 7 nights


12:00am for live bands, DJs or amplified music


Whole riverside (19 rooms) needs to be booked



An event is a gathering where the total number of guests is more than twenty (including the guests staying at the house) or when additional infrastructure, such as a sound system, is requested to be brought onto the property. These guidelines were developed by the Management Company and owners to ensure:

  • The event is appropriate for the venue
  • That written rules are clear for clients, agents, guests, event organizers, and staff using the premises
  • To minimize the risks to and impact on the villa as well as residents within the immediate area
  • That the event does not exceed the capacity of the property, with a maximum capacity of 35 guests for sit down or 60 guests for standing party

These guidelines will apply to events of more than 20 people, including the following:

  • Private parties (such as birthdays)
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Filming
  • Promotional events

Note: Public events with ticket sales are not allowed at any time.

Event Organizer

An approved Event Organizer must be appointed in order to apply for an event at Eden. The Event Organizer will be the point of contact for BaliOn and Eden management and take responsibility for the event. The Event Organizer must be present onsite for the entire duration of the event, including set-up and post-event cleaning.

Event Requirements and Fees

For each event, specific terms and guidelines apply as follows:

  • For all events in Eden a curfew of midnight are valid.
  • Best period to hold events in Eden is from May to November, due to dry season.
  • The venue area in Eden is located along the river side.
  • While holding an event in Eden all villas along river side (19 rooms) must be rented at special rate and a minimum of 3 nights for low and 5 nights for high season.
  • The event fee for any event in Eden will be USD 800++ including taxes.
  • Banjar fee (read: local costs to village) will apply. The amount is IDR 2.500.000. The fee will be paid locally and is to be directed t to the village community (as a fee for community, local guards, parking personnel, etc.)
  • Suggested max number of guests for sit-down dinner: 35 persons.
  • Suggested max number for standing party/ buffet style 60 persons.
  • Security deposit of USD 1,000 to be paid upon arrival to the villa. This amount will be used to cover cost of service or replacement in case of damage or breakage to the property during the event (pre and after) takes place. This amount is 100% refundable if there are no damages to the property
  • Sound System, DJ or live music are allowed ONLY after the House management approves.
  • Fire works on request and after approval of House management only. Paper candle lanterns or Thai wishing lanterns are not permitted. Fire dancers may be permitted after approval by the management.

Approval Process

We look forward to hosting selected events at Eden. For an event to be approved, the Event Organizer must complete the Event Application Form a minimum of six weeks prior to the event. In addition, as part of the application we need to receive:

  • Event plan, run sheet, and theme
  • Event infrastructure list
  • Proposed event layout / site plan


Freestanding marquees are allowed in the garden with the advance approval of the location. Marquees must be promptly removed after the event and care should be taken not to damage the grass. The Event Organizer should clearly indicate the location of marquees, service bars, dance floors, DJ stations and any other structures on the event site plan.

Power, cabling, and lighting

Villa electrical supplies are generally not sufficient to cater for events. In order not to damage the supply and to protect the villa from fire hazards the guidelines below need to be followed:

  • No power is to be drawn from the villa supply
  • A generator with minimum 40KVA should be supplied with sufficient cabling
  • Cables should not be dug into lawns
  • Cables should try to follow edges of concrete / grass, where possible
  • Cable traps should be laid in high traffic areas or where cables may pose a safety risk
  • Electric lanterns are permitted to be hung from trees using existing nails only
  • Heavy lighting must be attached by metal brace and not by hooks and nails
  • All candles should have candle bases to prevent wax spillage
  • At least two fire extinguishers must be provided and staff must be trained to use them
  • No nails, screws or other fixing method that creates a lasting mark on the property may be used


The villa needs to been cleaned professionally and properly by the Event Organizer. All rubbish needs to be removed from the property after the event by the Event Organizers, at the latest by 02.00 am


The bedrooms and bathrooms cannot be used by others aside from the guests them self. It is not allowed for the wedding organizer or one of their suppliers to use villa facilities.


The Eden kitchen is not to be used for the event. A separate kitchen can be set-up in a screened area or in the backside of the property.


No staging should be built into or over the pool.


The Event Organizer should ensure that suppliers do not park their vehicles in front of the property so that guest and public access remains clear.

Read the full event information here.



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